1. On the keyboard of computer each character has an "ASCII" value which stands for:
(A) American Stock Code for Information Interchange
(B) American Standard Code for Information Interchange
(C) African Standard Code for Information Interchange
(D) Adaptable Standard Code for Information Change

2. Which part of the Central Processing Unit (CPU) performs calculation and makes decisions:
(A) Arithematic Logic Unit
(B) Alternating Logic Unit
(C) Alternate Local Unit
(D) American Logic Unit

3. "Dpi" stands for:      
(A) Dots per inch
(B) Digits per unit
(C) Dots pixel inch
(D) Diagrams per inch

4. The process of laying out a document with text, graphics, headlines and photographs is involved in
(A) Deck Top Publishing
(B) Desk Top Printing
(C) Desk Top Publishing
(D) Deck Top Printing

5. Transfer of data from one application to another line is known as:
(A) Dynamic Disk Exchange
(B) Dodgy Data Exchange
(C) Dogmatic Data Exchange
(D) Dynamic Data Exchange