1. Which of the following options are the main tasks of research in modern society?
(I) to keep pace with the advancement in knowledge.
(II) to discover new things.
(III) to write a critique on the earlier writings.
(IV) to systematically examine and critically analyse the investigations/sources with objectivity.

(A) IV, II and I
(B) I, II and III
(C) I and III
(D) II, III and IV

2. Match List-I (Interviews) with List-II (Meaning) and select the correct answer from the code given below:
List - I (Interviews)                    List - II (Meaning)
(a) structured interviews         (i)  greater flexibility approach
(b) Unstructured interviews    (ii) attention on the questions to be answered
(c) Focused interviews           (iii) individual life experience
(d) Clinical interviews             (iv) Pre determined question
                                            (v) non-directive
(a)        (b)        (c)        (d)
(A)       (iv)       (i)         (ii)        (iii)
(B)       (ii)        (iv)       (i)         (iii)
(C)       (v)        (ii)        (iv)       (i)
(D)       (i)         (iii)       (v)        (iv)

3. What do you consider as the main aim of inter disciplinary research?
(A) To bring out holistic approach to research.
(B) To reduce the emphasis of single subject in research domain.
(C) To over simplify the problem of research.
(D) To create a new trend in research methodology.

4. One of the aims of the scientific method in research is to:
(A) improve data interpretation
(B) eliminate spurious relations
(C) confirm triangulation
(D) introduce new variables

5. The depth of any research can be judged by:
(A) title of the research.
(B) objectives of the research.
(C) total expenditure on the research.
(D) duration of the research.