1. Verbal guidance is least effective in the learning of:
(A) Aptitudes
(B) Skills
(C) Attitudes
(D) Relationship

2. Which is the most important aspect of the teacher's role in learning?
(A) The development of insight into what constitutes an adequate performance
(B) The development of insight into what constitutes the pitfalls and dangers to be avoided
(C) The provision of encouragement and moral support
(D) The provision of continuous diagnostic and remedial help

3. The most appropriate purpose of learning is:
(A) personal adjustment
(B) modification of behaviour
(C) social and political awareness
(D) preparing oneself for employment

4. The students who keep on asking questions in the class should be:
(A) encouraged to find answer independently
(B) advised to meet the teacher after the class
(C) encouraged to continue questioning
(D) advised not to disturb during the lecture

5. Maximum participation of students is possible in teaching through:
(A) discussion method
(B) lecture method
(C) audio-visual aids
(D) text book method

6. Use of radio for higher education is based on the presumption of:
(A) Enriching curriculum based instruction
(B) Replacing teacher in the long run
(C) Everybody having access to a radio set
(D) Other means of instruction getting outdated