1. The ICA, for promoting inter-cooperative trade at the international level established the International Cooperative Wholesale Society(ICWS) at…………..in September, 1924.

(a) Ghent 
(b) Milan 
(c) London 
(d) Oslo

2. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the ICA have joined forces to enable poor people to cooperate out of poverty through a …………

(a) Global Cooperative Campaign Against Poverty
(b) Global Cooperative Campaign for Equality
(c) Global Cooperative Campaign for Development
(d) Global Cooperative Campaign for Labour Movement

3. ICA is

(a) International Cooperative Alliance
(b) Inter-Cooperative Association
(c) International cooperation for Agriculture
(d) Inter-country Alliance

4. The Soviet leaders realized the need for an early re-organization of the Russian agriculture and they adopted collective farming known as………….

(a) Kibbutz 
(b) Moshavim 
(c) Artels 
(d) Kolkoz.

5. Besides the collective farms known as Kolkoz in Russia, there are state farms as well which are called ………….

(a) Kibbutz 
(b) Moshavim 
(c) Sorkozy 
(d) Artels

6. ABCUL stands for

(a) Association of Bakers Credit Union Ltd 
(b) Association of British Credit Union Ltd
(c) Agricultural Banking Credit Union Ltd
(d) Agriculture Board for Cooperative Undertaking Ltd

7. LAMPS stands for

(a) Large sized Multipurpose Cooperative Societies
(b) Large Sized Adivasi Multipurpose Cooperative Societies
(c) Large Agricultural Multipurpose Cooperative Societies
(d) None of the above

8. DCCBs stands for

(a) District Central Cooperative Banks
(b) Director of Central Cooperative Bank
(c) Danish Credit Cooperative Bank
(d) Dane Creative Cooperative Band

9. SCARDBs stands for

(a) State Credit and Rural Development Banks
(b) State Cooperative and Rural Development Banks
(c) State Credit and Rural Data Bank
(d) State Cooperative Agriculture and Rural Development Banks 

10. ‘NEUE HEIMAT’ and ‘HOMESTEADS’ in Germany are examples of………..

(a) Construction Companies
(b) Hotels and Resorts
(c) Cooperative Housing societies
(d) Old – Age Homes