1. The Chairman and members of State Public Service Commission are appointed by the

(a) President
(b) Chairman, UPSC
(c) Governor
(d) Prime Minister 

2. When a State Governor dies or resigns, who normally exercises his functions till a new Governor is appointed?

(a) Chief Justice of the High Court
(b) Advocate General of the State
(c) Secretary General of the Governor
(d) A person designated by State Cabinet

3. When a financial emergency is proclaimed

(a) Union budget will not be presented
(b) Salaries and allowances of any class of employees may be reduced
(c) Repayment of government debts will stop
(d) Payment of salaries to public servants will be postponed

4. Who appoints the Chairman of the UPSC?

(a) President
(b) Speaker of Lok Sabha
(c) Chief Justice of India
(d) Prime Minister

5. Which of the following is correct regarding the Governor of a State?

(a) He can recommend to the President to impose President's Rule in the State. 
(b) No money bill can be introduced in the State Legislature without his prior permission.
(c) He has the power of issuing ordinances when the legislature is not in session.
(d) All of the above

6. If the President wants to resign from office, he may do so by writing to the

(a) Chief Justice of India
(b) Speaker of Lok Sabha
(c) Prime Minister
(d) Vice- President

7. Is the Prime Minister bound to advise the President on matters on which his advice is sought ?

(a) Yes, if the Council of Ministers so desires
(b) Yes
(c) No
(d) It is discretionary

8. The five year term of the President is calculated from the

(a) First day of the month following the month he assumes charge
(b) Date of his election result
(c) Day he assumes charge
(d) First day of the month he assumes charge

9. Who is the ex- officio Chairman of the Council of States?

(a) Vice- President
(b) Leader of the opposition
(c) President
(d) Speaker

10. Under which Article of the Constitution is the President's rule promulgated on any state in India?

(a) 326
(b) 370
(c) 380
(d) 356

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