1. The concept of HRD scorecard was introduced in India by

(A) UdaiPareek
(B) Rao and Pareek
(C) T.V. Rao
(D) ArunHonappa

2. Performance appraisal by all the following parties is called 3600 performance appraisal:

(A) Supervisors and Peers
(B) Subordinates and Employees themselves
(C) Users of Service and Consultants
(D) All the above

3. The following is the right process of training:

(A) Instructional design, validation, need analysis, implementation and evaluation
(B) Need analysis, instructional design, validation, implementation and evaluation
(C) Need analysis, validation, instructional design, implementation and evaluation
(D) Instructional design, need analysis, implementation, validation and evaluation

4. Fish bone analysis as a tool of quality circle was advanced by

(A) Edward Deming
(B) Joseph Juran
(C) Kouru Ishi Kawa
(D) Phillip Crosby

5. The leadership prototype

(A) is useful primarily for selection and training of employees
(B) Uses LPC (Least Preferred Co-worker) as an important component
(C) Depicts the image of a model leader
(D) Emphasizes leadership development

6. To be effective a points-based rating system requires:

(A) Close management control
(B) Comprehensive, reliable and consistent information
(C) Objectivity in assessments
(D) 360° assessment

7. Too much of reliance on internal recruitment can result in

(A) Reduced job performance
(B) High labour turnover
(C) Internal conflict
(D) Poor group dynamics

8. The concept of stagnation in the context of HRM means:

(A) Lack of appropriate selection criteria.
(B) HR staff having very limited experience outside the HR functions.
(C) Over-reliance on the internal labour market to fill new positions.
(D) Lack of integration of recruitment and selection into the wider human resource function.

9. Negotiations are an important aspect of the collective-bargaining process. What do they ensure?

(A) That conflict is contained within manageable boundaries.
(B) That there is an agreement between all parties involved.
(C) That conflict is always resolved.
(D) It achieves a set of lasting agreements.

10. Match the following:

Books and Concepts                   Authors
a. Games People Play           i. Eric Bernie
b. I am OK you are OK          ii. Kurt Lewin
c. Johari Window                  iii. Thomas A. Harris
d. Force Field Anal               iv. Joseph Lufth & Harry Inghams

       a b c d
(A)  ii i iv iii
(B)  i iii iv ii
(C)  iv ii iii i
(D)  iii i ii iv


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