1. Who is the profounder of the socio-psychological approach to Human Resource Development?

(A) T.W. Schultz
(B) Lorraine Corner
(C) Lim Teck Ghee
(D) David McClelland

2. Read the following statements on HRD need analysis. Identify the one which is not true:

(A) HRD needs can be identified at strategic, organisational, operational, task and person levels
(B) HRD needs can be diagnostic, analytic, compliance oriented and proactive
(C) Competency mapping, performance appraisal and clarity of career paths identify HRD needs at task level only
(D) Task related KSA analysis and training need analysis are integral part of HRD need analysis

3. Assertion (A): Performance Appraisal cannot be error free and unbiased.

Reason (R): The Appraisal Methods are covertly influenced by human judgement which may be vitiated by inter-personal discriminatory impulses.

(A) Assertion (A) is right, Reason (R) is wrong.
(B) Assertion (A) is wrong, Reason (R) is right.
(C) Reason (R) does not subscribe to the Assertion (A).
(D) Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are right, and Reason (R) validate Assertion (A).

4. Match the following theories of career planning with their propagators:

Theories of Career Planning       Propagators
a. Career Anchor Model        i. John Holland
b. Career Path Model           ii. D.T. Hall
c. Career Choice Model       iii. Edgar Schien
d. A Career Stages Model   iv. Mondy, Noe and Premeanx

a          b          c          d
(A)      ii          iii         i           iv
(B)      iii         ii          iv         i
(C)      iii         iv         i           ii
(D)      ii          iv         iii         i

5. Which of the following is a force that acts as stimulant for organizational change?

(A) Nature of the workforce
(B) Technology
(C) Economic Shock
(D) All the above

6. The Japanese 5 ‘S’ model deals with

(A) Housekeeping
(B) Assembly line production
(C) Quality assurance
(D) Cost effective measures

7. Which of the following is not a contributory factor for HR outsourcing?

(A) Strategic Reasons
(B) Financial Reasons
(C) Trade Union Hassels
(D) Competitive Factor

8. Which of the following statements about downsizing is not correct?

(A) Mergers and Acquisitions are responsible for downsizing.
(B) Technical up gradation cannot be attributed as a reason for downsizing.
(C) Downsizing helps in getting rid of deadwood.
(D) Cost-cutting measure is a reason for downsizing.

9. Which of the following is an outcome of collective bargaining?

(A) Award of Labour Court
(B) Award of Tribunal
(C) Arbitration Award
(D) Consent Award

10. When team-building can be attempted by creating artificial teams in which people get opportunity to experiment and learn from their behaviour in a less threatening context, it is based on:

(A) Behaviour Modification Approach
(B) Action Research Approach
(C) Simulation Approach
(D) Team Role Approach


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