1. “Case-law is gold in the mine-a few grains of precious metal to the tons of useless matter, while the statute law is coin of the state which ready for immediate use”. Who gave this statement?

(A) Bentham
(B) Salmond
(C) Kelsen
(D) Holland

2. “Law is the guarantee of the conditions of life of society, assured by the States’’ power of constraint” who said it?

(A) Dvguit
(B) Ihering
(C) Savigny
(D) Ehrlich

3. Match List – I (Legal Right) with List – II (Nature of Legal Right) and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists:

List – I
List – II
a. Time barred debt
1. Personal Right
b. Right to reputation
2. Right in Personam
c. Right to physical integrity
3. Imperfect Right
d. Right arising out of a contract
4. Right in Rem
       a b c d
(A) 3 4 2 1
(B) 3 2 1 4
(C) 2 3 1 4
(D) 3 4 1 2

4. Right in re aliena means a right over

(A) His own property.
(B) A property of someone else.
(C) A property situated in a foreign country.
(D) A property situated in one’s own country.

5. The birth and death of legal person is determined by

(A) Nature
(B) Custom
(C) Law
(D) Precedent

6. Read the following passage and match the column:

The social tolerance towards crime establishes the concept of crime. No longer people accept that crime is related to sin by which people feel remorse and undergo penance to seek exoneration from punishment. But there is a general opinion that crime is relatively connected to individual behaviour, which very often changes. To resolve the conflict, the general view is that, anything which is injurious to public welfare is a crime.

Column ‘P’
Column ‘Q’
i. Russell          –
Crime is not absolute as it depends upon social tolerance.
ii. Black Stone  
Changing concept of crime as it is related to sin.
iii. H.J. Klare    
Crime is known through attributes as it is related to behaviour.
iv. G.W. Patton –
Act which does not attract law is not a crime.
Correct answer is

 (A) i
(B) ii
(C) iii
(D) iv

7. Fill in the gap. Contributory negligence is ______ defense to a criminal charge.

(A) Genuine
(B) Accurate
(C) Sharp
(D) no

8. The accused fired two shots with a revolver at point blank range at the Acting Governor but the bullets failed to produce the desired result because of some defect in the ammunition or intervention of leather wallet. What offence is caused?

(A) Culpable Homicide
(B) Attempt to Murder
(C) Attempt to harm
(D) None of them

9. In a case where a minor girl was in the custody of her mother. Later the mother obtained divorce from her husband and thereafter the father forcefully removed the daughter from the school. What offence is created by the father?

(A) Abduction
(B) Kidnapping
(C) Confinement
(D) Custody

10. Can a woman be prosecuted for gang rape?

(A) Occasionally
(B) As the case demands
(C) Not at all
(D) When she is a party to it

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