1. Which one of the following is not a step in planning?

(A) Establishing objectives
(B) Developing premises
(C) Determining alternative courses
(D) Identifying needs of employees

2. Planning is looking ahead and control is

(A) Scanning environment
(B) Looking back
(C) Setting targets
(D) Defining objectives

3. Name the Author of Equity Theory of Motivation.

(A) Blake & Mouton
(B) Strube & Garcia
(C) Stancy Adams
(D) Albert Bandura

4. Anything dealing with Ethics in Business is

(A) Good, bad or both, to the business gains
(B) Not related to religion
(C) Not to focus obligation
(D) Killing all types of Unfair Trade Practices

5. Ethics provide

(A) Consumer Autonomy
(C) Justice
(D) All of the above

6. Company seeking ethical standard must purport to

(A) Good Employee Relation
(B) Better Production Portfolio
(C) Economy of Scale
(D) Public Disclosure and Publishing

7. Which of the following is not the act of Corporate Governance?

(A) Protecting the interest of shareholders
(B) Protecting the interest of employees
(C) Fudging of Accounts
(D) Paying Taxes to the Government

8. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is looked as the organised network of making long economic and social relationship of the corporate with the society. But a business of which type, as mentioned below, cannot afford for it, at the first instance?

(A) Large Business
(B) Medium Business
(C) Small Business
(D) A Business Start-up

9. The four systems of Management in terms of Leadership styles are related to

(A) Blake and Mouton
(B) Philip Kotler
(C) Peter F. Drucker
(D) Rensis Likert

10. The number of subordinates a superior can effectively handle is called

(A) Organising people
(B) Span of control
(C) Direction
(D) Coordination