1. One of the acceptable methods for obtaining feedback of training is called

(A) Structured Interview
(B) Performance after Training
(C) Improvement after Training
(D) Employee Turnover Rate

2. Changes in population characteristics such as age, gender, race, marital status, income and education are examples of change:

(A) Demographic
(B) Cultural
(C) Geographic
(D) Diversity

3. During his days at Midvale Steel Company F.W. Taylor saw that employees soldiering – deliberately working at a pace slower than their capabilities. He identified that, worker indulge in soldiering primarily for the following reasons:

(A) Fear of losing jobs if they increase their output.
(B) Faulty wage systems.
(C) Out-dated methods of working
(D) All of the above

4. Among the best known trait approaches to personality measurement – column A gives Traits and column B states the name of authority defining them. Match the correct combination

Column – A
Column – B

(A) 20 + needs
(B) 16 traits
(C) 3 traits
(D) 5 traits
Costa & Merree

5. “Third Party intervention” as “Conflict Resolution” is 
(A) Often required
(B) Seldom required
(C) Required as a mandate, when conflict remains unresolved
(D) Not at all considered as an option

6. The policy of introducing “New Blood” is

(A) Stereotypic
(B) Bureaucratic as well as redtapic
(C) Innovative and challenging, making the corporate dynamic
(D) Innovative, challenging, but often resisted

7. An “Assessment Centre” is

(A) A place
(B) A technique
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

8. “Organizational learning” and “Learning organization” are

(A) Same
(B) Different
(C) Reverse to each other
(D) Complementary to each other

9. Whistle-Blowers are

(A) To be removed from the jobs
(B) To be promoted
(C) To be rewarded for the organisational enrichment
(D) To be protected since they intend to bring out truth

10. “Work-Diversity” by nature, does not go against Ethics. But an executive assistant while getting transferred from “stores” to “dispatch” section created turmoil in the office. He is

(A) Most ethical in his deal
(B) Fully against work ethics
(C) He is workoholic
(D) A Rigid employer, hard nut to crack