1. The Karanas of Natyashastra are sculpted in the inner walls of

(A) Chidambaram temple
(B) Thanjavur Brihadeswaratemple
(C) Kumbhakanam temple
(D) Sarangapani temple

2. Jathiswaram is the combination of

(A) Musical notes and hand gestures
(B) Musical notes and rhythmic syllables
(C) Melody and rhythm
(D) Stamping of feet in rhythmic fashion

3. Match the following:

List – I
List – II

a. Kumudini Lakhia
i. Devdas
b. Birju Maharaj
ii. Apalam Chapalam
c. Gopi Krishna
iii. Umrao Jaan
d. Kitappa Pillai
iv. Navrang

       a b c d
(A) iii i iv ii
(B) i iv ii iii
(C) ii i iii iv
(D) iv iii i ii

4. What does NCPA stand for?

(A) National Congress Party of Amethy
(B) National Centre for Propagation of Arts
(C) National Centre for Painting Arts
(D) National Centre for Performing Arts

5. In last couple of years, the dancer’s organizations and institutions of dance are treating one subject specially. It is

(A) Gender issues
(B) Purush-male dancer
(C) Guru-Shishya parampara
(D) Importance of Abhinaya

6. Which item of Kathak came from the Mughals?

(A) Paran
(B) Aamada
(C) Toda
(D) Tattakar

7. Identify the correct sequence:

(A) Mangalacharan, Moksh, Batu, Pallavi
(B) Mangalacharan, Batu, Moksh, Pallavi
(C) Mangalacharan, Pallavi, Batu, Moksh
(D) Mangalacharan, Batu, Pallavi, Moksh

8. In Odissi, the men who dance are traditionally called?

(A) Natuvanars
(B) Gotipua
(C) Rasadhari
(D) Rasiya

9. What is the full form of IGNCA?

(A) Indo Georgian National Centre for Arts
(B) Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts
(C) International Gandhi Natya Centre for Arts
(D) Indira Gandhi Nrutya Centre for Arts

10. What is the Varnam of Bharatanatyam?

(A) A combination of steps and facial expressions
(B) A combination of Bhava, Raga, Abhinaya
(C) A combination of Nritta and Natya
(D) A combination of Nritta and Nrutya