1. Who was the main female God worshipped by the Indus people?

(a) Laxmi
(b) Sarada
(c) Shakti
(d) Mother Goddess

2. Consider the following statements and mark the option which is correct.

(i) The predominence ofMother Goodess denotes people’s faith in fertility cult.
(ii) Mainly offensive weapons were found in Harappa.
(iii) Six types of pottery have been discovered from Kalibangan.
(iv) Painting on a jar resembling the story of the cunning for the Panchtantra has been found fromLothal.


(a) i, & iv 
(b) all of the above.
(c) none of the above 
(d) iii only.


3. What was the material used by the Indus people in manufacture 
of seals?

(a) Copper
(b) Steatite
(c) Bronze
(d) Silver

4. Where was the Bronze figure of dancing girl found?

(a) Kot Diji
(b) Mohenjodaro
(c) Alamgirpur
(d) Ropar

5. Match the following

List - I
List - II

(i) Harappa
(a) copper elephant
(ii) Daimabad
(b) Bronze Dancing girl
(iii) Mohanjodaro
(c) Granary outside citadel
(iv) Furrow Marks
(d) Kalibangan


     (a)     (b)      (c)      (d)
(a) (ii)     (i)       (iii)     (iv)
(b) (i)     (ii)       (iii)     (iv)
(c) (iv)   (iii)       (ii)      (i)
(d) (ii)    (iii)       (i)      (iv)

6. Kot Diji is located in

(a) Sind
(b) Punjab
(c) Rajastan
(d) Gujrat

7. What were the items of export by Indus People?

(a) Terracottas
(b) Pottery
(c) Cotton goods
(d) All the above

8. Indus people made seals with

(a) Steatite
(b) Ivory
(c) Clay
(d) All the above

9. Consider the following statements and mark the option which is correct.

(i) The firstmanmade port was found inHarappa.
(ii) The main crops of Indus Valley civilization were wheat & Barley.
(iii) The Largest Harappan Settlemtn in India is Rakhigarhi in Haryana.
(iv) The Largest number of settlements are in Ghaggar-Hakar Valleys.


(a) i & ii 
(b) all of the above
(c) ii, iii & iv 
(d) none of the above.

10. The Indus city at which stone symbols of female sex organs have been found

(a) Lothal
(b) Dholavira
(c) Ropar
(d) Harappa


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