1. The distinct characteristic(s) of digital objects are

(A) Physical Medium
(B) Logical process
(C) Conceptual recognition and transaction
(D) All the above

2. ‘Who’s who in India’, an irregular publication is published by

(A) Business Press, Bombay
(B) Sterling, New Delhi
(C) Tradesman & Men Asia, Delhi
(D) Sahitya Samsad, Calcutta

3. Which department of the Government of India deals with Public Libraries?

(A) Department of Archaeology
(B) Department of Culture
(C) Department of Primary Education
(D) Department of Science and Technology

4. Information on Prime Minister of Bangladesh can be found in

(A) International Who’s Who
(B) Who’s Who in Bangladesh
(C) Current Biography
(D) Statesman’s Yearbook

5. ‘Eradication of Malaria in India 190-1999’ – a report can be categorized under

(A) Trend Report
(B) Review Report
(C) State of the Art Report
(D) Research Report

6. Which is not a reprographic service?

(A) Micro Copying
(B) Blue Printing
(C) Paper Printing
(D) Thermo Copying

7. ERIC is sponsored by

(A) US National Health Institute
(B) Health and Rehabilitation Services Division, A LA
(C) Department of Health Education & Welfare, Government of USA
(D) Institute of Education Sciences of the United States Department of Education

8. “Control, Disease, Malaria, Brain” indicates that it is

(A) Raw Title
(B) Expressive Title
(C) Kernel Title
(D) Transformed Title

9. A graphical representation using symbols to represent operations, data, flow, etc. is

(A) Logical Chart
(B) Flow Chart
(C) System Flow Chart
(D) Network Chart

10. The 12 rules for relational database were given by

(A) E.F. Codd
(B) Charles Babbage
(C) James Weyer
(D) Tim Berners Lee

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