1. The alternatives and modifications of H-Index are

(i) I-index
(ii) Pure-h Index
(iii) Scimgo Journal Rank
(iv) European Impact Factor


(A) (i) & (iii) are correct
(B) (i) & (ii) are correct
(C) (i) & (iv) are correct
(D) (ii) & (iii) are correct

2. Digitization of various cultural resources is possible through

(i) Scanners
(ii) Digital cameras
(iii) Video cameras
(iv) Smart & Mobile phones


(A) (i), (ii) are correct
(B) (iv), (iii) are correct
(C) (iii), (iv) are correct
(D) (i), (ii), (iii) & (iv) are correct

3. Match the following:

List – I
List – II

a. Public Library Extension
i. KD Metcalf 
b. Academic Library Management
ii. M A Gelfand
c. University Libraries for Developing Countries 
iii. L R McColvin
d. Planning Academic and Research Library Buildings
iv. M B Line

Codes :  
         a          b         c         d
(A)    iii         iv         ii          i
(B)    iv         ii          i           iii
(C)    iii         i           iv         ii
(D)    ii          iii         i           iv

4. What is/are common feature/s between RFID & Barcode Technology?

(i) Read more than one item at a time
(ii) Able to locate specific items on shelves
(iii) Programmable
(iv) Read while item is moving


(A) (i), (ii) are correct
(B) (iii), (iv) are correct
(C) (ii), (iv) are correct
(D) All the above are correct

5. Match the following:

List – I
List – II

i) Digital Library
ii) Resource aggregator
iii) E-consortia
d. e-Gyankosh
iv) Organization

            a          b          c         d
(A)       i           ii          iii         iv
(B)       iv         iii         ii          i
(C)       iii         ii          I          iv
(D)       ii          iii         iv         i

6. Match the following:

List – I
List – II

a. Amenable to further algebraic treatment
i. Mean deviation
b. Estimated without knowing values of extreme items
ii. Medium
c. Mathematieally and logically incorrect
iii. Inter-quartile deviation
d. The dispersion does not cover all items of a series
iv. Arithmetic means

            a          b          c          d
(A)       iv         ii          I           iii
(B)      iii         ii          I           iv
(C)      ii          iv         iii         i
(D)      i           iii         iv         ii

7. Assertion (A): the encouraging environment of all time, full reading halls with the students in the libraries is diminishing day by day.

Reason (R) : All the reading material is easily available and accessible on Internet to all the students.


(A) Both (A) and (R) true.
(B) Both (A) and (R) are false.
(C) (A) is true, but (R) is false.
(D) (A) is false, but (R) is true.

8. Who categorized the user studies into the following three categories ?

(i) Behaviour Studies
(ii) Use studies
(iii) Information flow studies

(A) Maurice B Line
(B) Menzel
(C) Cronin
(D) Voigt

9. Which one of the following is not a virtual library ?

(A) Without walls.
(B) With distributed physical locations.
(C) Providing integrated and unified remote access to geographically distributed collections.
(D) Which does not exist in reality.

10. In 1974, Zurkowski used for the first time, which of the following term ?

(A) Digital Literacy
(B) Media Literacy
(C) Computer Literacy
(D) Information Literacy

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