1. Who defined “to be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information.” ?


2. Match the following:

List – I
List – II

a. Indian Cultural Heritage
i.  TKDL
b. Race & Brittle
c. Traditional Knowledge
iii. C-DAC
d. Mobile Digital Library 
iv. National Library

Codes :            

 a          b          c         d
(A)  i           iv         iii        ii
(B)  iv         iii         ii          i
(C)  ii          iv         i          iii
(D)  iii         ii          iv         i

3. Which of the factor is not helping in limiting the external validity ?

(A) Reactive effect
(B) Ecological validity
(C) Interaction between selection bias of experimental variables
(D) Ecological effect

4. Match the following:

List-I                                                                       List-II

(a) Whitaker’s Almanack                     (i) Year of starting ‘Publishers Weekly’
(b) Ulrich’s International Periodicals 
Directory                                              (ii) Availability of V 50 of ‘Library Journal’
(c) National Union Catalogue of 
Scientific Serials in India                     (iii) Information on discontinuation                                                                                                   of New Encyclopaedia Britannica
(d) Data India                                       (iv) Astronomical information

Codes :

(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) (iv) (i) (ii) (iii)
(B) (ii) (iv) (i) (iii)
(C) (iii) (ii) (i) (iv)
(D) (i) (iv) (ii) (iii)

5. Semantic differential scale is concerned with

(A) Pool of items
(B) Selection from two opposite positions
(C) Five point scale
(D) Selection from a check list

6. In spiral of scientific method, the span of Zenith to descendent is

(A) Empirical phase
(B) Hypothesizing phase
(C) Deductive phase
(D) Verification phase

7. Which of the following variable cannot be expressed in quantitative terms ?

(A) Socio-Economic status
(B) Marital status
(C) Numerical Aptitude
(D) Professional Attitude

8. National Knowledge Network is to be implemented by

(A) National Knowledge Commission
(B) Information and Library Network
(C) National Information Centre
(D) Department of Information Technology

9. Metadata Dublin core refers to

(A) Data elements in database
(B) Bibliographic elements in database
(C) Field elements in database
(D) Subject elements in database

10. Match the following:

List-I                                                                    List-II

(a) J. Thompson                            (i) Basic Statistics for Libraries
(b) S. Halkett of J Laing                (ii) Planning of Academic and Research Buildings
(c) William A Katz                         (iii) Dictionary of anonymous and pseudonymous literature
(d) K.D. Metcalf                            (iv) Introduction to reference work

Codes :

(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) (i) (ii) (iv) (iii)
(B) (i) (iii) (iv) (ii)
(C) (ii) (iv) (i) (iii)
(D) (iv) (ii) (iii) (i)

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