1. Principle of operation of an electric water heater is by

(A) Convection
(B) Radiation
(C) Conduction
(D) Induction

2. The period of human embryo is

(A) 2 – 4 weeks
(B) 1 – 8 weeks
(C) 2 – 8 weeks
(D) 2 – 6 weeks

3. Test to assess PEM in children in early stages is by

(A) Biochemical tests
(B) Anthropometry
(C) Pathological tests
(D) None of the above

4. Low sodium diet is recommended in:

I. Acute Hepatitis
III. Dyslipidemia
V. Liver Cirrhosis


(A) IV, V
(B) I, V
(C) II, IV
(D) I, III

5. Level of Intelligent Quotient of educable mentally challenged child is

(A) 0 – 25
(B) 50 – 75
(C) 25 – 50
(D) 75 – 100

6. Isoelectric point at which maximum coagulation of milk protein takes place:

(A) 4.2 pH
(B) 4.6 pH
(C) 5.4 pH
(D) 6.6 pH

7. How are colours classified? Indicate the correct sequence:

I. Primary
II. Secondary
III. Quarternary
IV. Tertiary
V. Intermediate


(A) III, V, IV
(B) I, II, IV
(C) I, II, V
(D) V, I, II

8. The fortificant used in iodized salt is

(A) Sodium iodide
(B) Potassium iodate
(C) Sodium iodate
(D) Potassium iodide

9. Serum Vitamin D level ______ are indicative of sub-clinical Vitamin D deficiency.

(A) < 20 ng/dl
(B) < 10 ng/dl
(C) < 30 ng/dl
(D) < 5 ng/dl

10. In the study of language the terms surface structure and deep structure can be associated with

(A) Albert Bandura
(B) Noam Chomsky
(C) Jane Elliot
(D) B.F. Skinner

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