1. Sociology is characterised by a perspective that places ________ in the foreground.

(A) Individual
(B) Unique social events
(C) Social interaction
(D) Culture

2. When two people interact with each other, they form

(A) A society
(B) An institution
(C) An association
(D) A dyadic group

3. Probation and Parole are which form of punishment?

(A) Deterrent punishment
(B) Retributive punishment
(C) Extra-mural treatment
(D) None of the above

4. Borstal Schools are meant for the reformation of

(A) Juvenile delinquents
(B) Women Offenders
(C) Convicts
(D) None of the above

5. Mark out the correct sequence of perspectives on gender and development in India:

(A) Welfare, Empowerment, Development.
(B) Empowerment, Development, Welfare.
(C) Development, Welfare, Empowerment.
(D) Welfare, Development, Empowerment.

6. ‘Tarawad’ is a matrilineal joint family found in the State of

(A) Maharashtra
(B) Kerala
(C) Assam
(D) Orissa

7. Which of the following concepts can be related to the statement ‘subjective detachment of performer from the role being performed’?

(A) Role taking
(B) Role distance
(C) Role making
(D) Role exit

8. Sociology is the science of interpretative understanding of social

(A) action
(B) interaction
(C) group
(D) institution

9. A status group, according to Max Weber, is characterised by

(A) Occupation
(B) Educational background
(C) Life-style
(D) Family background

10. The view that authority relations are the main cause of social conflict was held by whom?

(A) M. Weber
(B) K. Marx
(C) R. Collins
(D) R. Dahrendorf

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