1. To Mead the ‘generalised others’ and ‘significant others’ are the creators of

(A) I
(B) Me
(C) Ego
(D) Super ego

2. Who has propounded the “Theory of Differential Association”?

(A) R.K. Merton
(B) R.H. Burke
(C) G. Tarde
(D) E.H. Sutherland

3. Death resulting out of failure in love affair is an example of

(A) Fatalistic suicide
(B) Egoistic suicide
(C) Altruistic suicide
(D) Anomic suicide

4. The collection of roles that goes with a given status is termed as

(A) Multiple roles
(B) Conflict of roles
(C) Role set
(D) Summation of roles

5. Who is the author of the book entitled “Alienation and Freedom”?

(A) M. Blumer
(B) H. Braverman
(C) P.M. Blau
(D) R. Blauner

6. Which of the following States and Union Territories have the lowest overall sex-ratio as per the Census Report of 2011?

(A) Daman and Diu
(B) Punjab
(C) Andhra Pradesh
(D) Meghalaya

7. Which one of the following is correct about Ethno methodology?

(A) Macro Sociology
(B) Micro Sociology
(C) Certainly not Macro Sociology
(D) Certainly not Micro Sociology

8. Who has considered that ‘most often action is routine and relatively unreflexive’?

(A) Alfred Schultz
(B) H. Garfinkel
(C) Max Weber
(D) John Heritage

9. Match the women development approaches in the List – I with the Feminist Schools of Thought in the List – II and choose the correct answer from the codes given below:

List – I
(Women Development Approaches)
List – II
(Feminist School of Thought)

a. WID
i. Marxist Feminist Thought
b. WAD
ii. Eco Feminist Thought
c. GAD
iii. Liberal Feminist Thought
d. WED
iv. Socialist Feminist Thought


       a b c d
(A) i iii iv ii
(B) ii i iii iv
(C) iv ii i iii
(D) iii i iv ii

10. Who has argued that ethno methods are ‘reflexively accountable’?

(A) Orbuch
(B) Garfinkel
(C) Schultz
(D) Hilbert

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