MCQs on Computer Networking - 18

1. Flooding always choose the ………………..

(A) Shortest path
(B) First path
(C) Last path
(D) Largest path

2. The functionalities of presentation layer includes

(A) Data compression
(B) Data encryption
(C) Data description
(D) All of the mentioned

3. In asynchronous serial communication the physical layer provides

(A) start and stop signalling
(B) flow control
(C) both (A) and (B)
(D) none of the above

4. The set of optimal routes from all sources to a given destination from a tree rooted to the destination is known as ……………..

(A) Binary tree
(B) Sparse tree
(C) Sink tree
(D) AVL tree

5. If router J is on the optimal path from router I to router K, then the optimal path from J to K also falls along the same route is known as ………………..

(A) Routing principle
(B) Optimality principle
(C) Sink tree principle
(D) Network principle

6. The interactive transmission of data within a time sharing system may be best suited to 

(A) simplex lines
(B) half-duplex lines
(C) full duplex lines
(D) biflex-lines

7. While booting the system the IP address is …………….


8. A list of protocols used by a system, one protocol per layer, is called

(A) protocol architecture
(B) protocol stack
(C) protocol suit
(D) none of the above

9. The structure or format of data is called

(A) Syntax
(B) Semantics
(C) Struct
(D) None of the above

10.................. entities are entities in the same layer on different machines. 

(A) Software
(B) Service
(C) Peer
(D) Interface



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