1. Which distribution should be used in order to find out where certain scores rank relative to all others?

(A) Frequency Polygon
(B) Probability Distribution
(C) Grouped Frequency Distribution
(D) Cumulative Frequency Distribution

2. Immunization is necessary for children:

I. To develop defense mechanism in the body.
II. To increase nutritional status.
III. To reduce discomfort.
IV. To reduce incidence of viral and infectious diseases.


(A) I and II are correct.
(B) II and IV are correct.
(C) I and IV are correct.
(D) III and IV are correct.

3. Match the retinol requirement (μg/day) given in List – II with age group given in List – I:
List – I
List – II
a. School child
i. 600
b. Pregnant woman
ii. 950
c. Lactating woman
iii. 400
d. Adolescent Boy
iv. 800

v. 350
          a          b          c          d
(A)       i           ii          iii         iv
(B)       iii         iv         ii          i
(C)       ii          iii         iv         v
(D)       iv         v          ii          iii

4. Identify the correct sequencing order in the process of listening:

I. Understanding
II. Remembering
III. Receiving
IV. Evaluating
V. Responding

(A) III, I, II, V, IV
(B) II, I, III, V, IV
(C) I, II, IV, III, V
(D) V, III, IV, I, II

5. Anthropometric is concerned with structural dimensions which are;

I. Weight
II. Body position
III. Height
IV. Waist circumference
V. Body posture


(A) I, II, III
(B) I, II, IV
(C) I, III, IV
(D) I, II, V

6. To meet the individual differences the curriculum should be:

I. Lengthy
II. Formal
III. Informal
IV. Flexible


(A) I and II are correct.
(B) II and III are correct.
(C) I, II and IV are correct.
(D) II and IV are correct.

7. Operant conditioning is also known as

(A) Instrumental conditioning
(B) Classical conditioning
(C) Essential conditioning
(D) All the above

8. Which of the following foods are rich in omega 3 fatty acids?

I. Lard
II. Butter
III. Fatty fish
IV. Olive oil
V. Mustard seeds
VI. Walnuts


(A) I, II, III
(B) III, V, VI
(C) V, VI, II

9. Which of the following terms are associated with sanitation?


(A) I and III
(B) II and IV
(C) III and V
(D) IV and I

10. Developmental period from birth to 8to 12 months known as

(A) Toddler
(B) Infancy
(C) Teen
(D) Peer

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