1. A marketing effectiveness review is part of _______ control.

(A) Annual Plan
(B) Profitability
(C) Proficiency
(D) Strategic

2. Franchise organisation is an example of ______ vertical marketing system.

(A) Corporate
(B) Administered
(C) Contractual
(D) Co-operative

3. What is the characteristic of a purely competitive market?

(A) Large number of buyers and sellers
(B) A few sellers
(C) A few buyers
(D) Abnormal profit

4. When analysing your business and its environment, it is useful to carefully inspect

(A) Threats
(B) Opportunities
(C) Strengths and weaknesses
(D) All of the above

5. What describes the market, product and technological areas of business?

(A) BCG Matrix
(B) GE Nine Cell Matrix
(C) 7’s framework
(D) Company’s Mission

6. Name the factors taken into consideration in Internal Analysis

(A) Firm Resources
(B) Objective, plans and policies of the firm
(C) The type of business involved
(D) All of the above

7. Diversification is to a new business area that has no obvious connection with any of the company’s existing areas refer to

(A) Forward integration
(B) Backward integration
(C) Concentric diversification
(D) Conglomerate diversification 

8. Which business unit generates substantial cash surplus due to low industry growth rate and high profit share?

(A) Dog
(B) Cash cow
(C) Question mark
(D) Star

9. Company seeking ethical standard must purport to

(A) Good Employee Relation
(B) Better Production Portfolio
(C) Economy of Scale
(D) Public Disclosure and Publishing

10. Which of the following is not the act of Corporate Governance?

(A) Protecting the interest of shareholders
(B) Protecting the interest of employees
(C) Fudging of Accounts
(D) Paying Taxes to the Government