1. Environmental issues can be managed by

(A) Investing in environment friendly process or products.
(B) Managing environmental regulations.
(C) Investing in environmental performance improvement.
(D) All of the above.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is looked as the organised network of making long economic and social relationship of the corporate with the society. But a business of which type, as mentioned below, cannot afford for it, at the first instance?

(A) Large Business
(B) Medium Business
(C) A Business Start-up 
(D) Small Business

3. In which stage of product life cycle, the company takes decision whether to maintain, harvest or drop the product?

(A) Introduction
(B) Growth
(C) Maturity
(D) Decline

4. Which Business unit generates substantial cash surpluses due to low industrial growth rate and high market share?

(A) Dog
(B) Cash Cow
(C) Question Mark
(D) Star

5. Which one of the following is not a basic element in the Strategic Management?

(A) Functional strategy 
(B) Strategy formulation
(C) Strategy implementation
(D) Environmental scanning

6. The policy of introducing “New Blood” is

(A) Stereotypic
(B) Bureaucratic as well as redtapic
(C) Innovative and challenging, making the corporate dynamic
(D) Innovative, challenging, but often resisted

7. Which of the following is not Porter’s generic strategy?

(A) Focus
(B) Market segmentation
(C) Differentiation
(D) Cost Leadership 

8. Which is not a global entry strategy?

(A) Exporting
(B) Joint venture
(C) Blue ocean strategy 
(D) Merger and Acquisition

9. Which is a short-term strategy for a firm?

(A) Corporate strategy
(B) Business strategy
(C) Company mission
(D) Functional strategy

10. Which one is not the characteristic feature of Entrepreneurship?

(A) Vision
(B) Disloyalty
(C) Initiative and Drive
(D) Risk Bearing