1. Mr. Sanjay agrees to pay `40 lakhs to Mr. Ajay if Ajay procures an employment for Sanjay in Government department. This agreement is: 

(a) Void 
(b) Valid 
(c) Voidable 
(d) Contingent. 

2. An agreement in restraint of marriage, i.e., which prevents a person from marrying, is 

(a) Valid 
(b) Voidable 
(c) Void 
(d) Illegal 

3. Anuj agrees to pay ` 10,000 to Manoj if a certain ship returns within a year. However, the ship sinks within the year. In this case, the contract becomes: 

(a) Valid 
(b) Void 
(c) Voidable 
(d) Illegal 

4. Deepak, Ashwani and Tarun jointly promised to pay ` 90,000 to Pradeep. Deepak was compelled by Pradeep to pay the entire amount of ` 90,000. Here: 

(a) Deepak can file a suit against Pradeep for recovery of amount exceeding his share. 
(b) Deepak is entitled to recover ` 30,000 each from Ashwani and Tarun 
(c) On payment by Deepak, the contract is discharged and Ashwani and Tarun are also not liable to Deepak. 
(d) Pradeep is not justified here and is liable to refund the entire amount to Deepak. 

5. In special damages, damages: 

(a) Are not recoverable altogether 
(b) Are illegal being punitive in nature 
(c) Cannot be claimed as a matter of right 
(d) Can be claimed as a matter of right. 

6. Which of the following agreements is/are valid? 

(a) Agreement in restraint of legal proceedings 
(b) Agreement to stifle prosecution 
(c) Agreement by an outgoing partner with his partners not to carryon any business within a specified period or within specified local limits 
(d) An agreement with a minor. 

7. Every Contract is an agreement but every agreement is not a contract. This statement is 

(a) Wrong 
(b) Correct 
(c) Correct Subject to certain exceptions 
(d) Partially correct. 

8. X Offers by a Letter to sell his car to Y for `.95,000. Y at the some time, offers by a letter to buy X’s car for `.15,000 . The two letters cross each other in the post. Is there a concluded contract between X and Y ? 

(a) Yes. there is a concluded contract between X and Y. 
(b) No, only crossing of offers. 
(c) Can’t say 
(d) None of these. 

9. S offers to sell B his car for ` 50,000. T, standing nearby, says,” I will take it if B does not take it. B is not interested in the car. What will be the position if T says to S “ Here is the money , I take the car.” 

(a) There is a contract between S and T 
(b) There is no contract between S and T 
(c) S may or may not accept the offer. 
(d) Both (b) and (c). 

10. When the consent of a party to a contract has been obtained by undue influence, fraud or misrepresentation, the contract is

(a) Legal
(b) Voidable
(c) Enforceable
(d) None of these

MCQs on Indian Contract Act 1872