1. Voidable contract

(a) can be enforced if the court directs
(b) are not enforceable by law
are enforceable by law if they are not avoided 
(d) can be enforced with prior permission of Court / Government

2. A proposal can be revoked

(a) Before posting of letter of acceptance by the acceptor
(b) Before receiving the letter of acceptance by the offeror
(c) After posting the letter of acceptance by the offeree
(d) Cannot be revoked

3. When the mode of acceptance is prescribed in the proposal then

(a) It need not be accepted in that manner
(b) It should be accepted in that manner
(c) No matter how the acceptance is given
(d) Acceptance can be given in usual or reasonable manner

4. Mental acceptance is

(a) No acceptance at all
(b) Valid
(c) Binding promise
(d) None of the above

5. A proposal when accepted becomes a

(a) Promise
(b) Contract
(c) Agreement
(d) All the above

6. A counter offer proposing different terms and conditions

(a) Amounts to acceptance of the offer
(b) Amount to rejection of the offer
(c) Results in making of the provisional contract
(d) Both (b) & (c)

7. The term 'proposal' used in the Indian Contract Act is synonymous with the term

(a) Contract
(b) Offer
(c) Agreement
(d) None of these

8. The terms of agreement

(a) must be certain
(b) must be capable of made certain
(c) un-ambiguous and clear
(d) all the above

9. The term 'Proposal or offer' has been defined in section

(a) Section 2(a)
(b) Section 2(b)
(c) Section 2(c)
(d) Section 2(d)

10. A bid at an auction sale is

(a) An implied offer to buy
(b) An express offer to buy
(c) An Invitation to offer to buy
(d) An invitation to come to bid

MCQs on Indian Contract Act 1872