1. The credit attributable to a particular recipient shall be distributed to 

(a) Only to that recipient 
(b) To all the recipients 
(c) To few recipients 
(d) None of the recipients 

2. A person is entitled to take credit of input tax as self-assessed in the return and credited to Electronic credit ledger on 

(a) Final basis 
(b) Provisional basis 
(c) Partly Provisional and partly final basis 
(d) None of the above 

3. Provisional Input tax credit can be utilized against 

(a) Any Tax liability 
(b) Self Assessed output Tax liability 
(c) Interest and Penalty 
(d) Fine 

4. Matching of Input Tax credit on inward supply by recipient is undertaken with 

(a) Monthly return filed by the supplier 
(b) Outward supply filed by the supplier 
(c) Invoices maintained by the supplier 
(d) None of the above 

5. Is it mandatory that the tax on the supply has to be paid by the supplier so that the recipient can claim credit? 

(a) No 
(b) Yes 
(c) Optional 
(d) Not Applicable 

6. If there is Mis-match of supplier’s outward supply and recipient’s claim for Input Tax credit on the same transaction 

(a) It shall be added as output tax liability in the hands of receiver. 
(b) It shall be reduced as output tax liability in the hands of receiver 
(c) It shall be increased as input tax credit in the hands of receiver 
(d) It shall be deceased as input tax credit in the hands of supplier 

7. Input Tax credit as credited in Electronic Credit ledger can be utilized for 

(a) Payment of Interest 
(b) Payment of penalty 
(c) Payment of Fine 
(d) Payment of Taxes 

8. Can a registered person under Composition Scheme claim input tax credit? 

(a) Yes 
(b) No 
(c) Input tax credit on inward supply of goods only can be claimed 
(d) Input tax credit on inward supply of services only can be claimed 

9. Which of the following will be excluded from the computation of ‘aggregate turnover’? 

(a) Value of Taxable supplies 
(b) Value of Exempt Supplies 
(c) Non-taxable supplies 
(d) Value of inward supplies on which tax is paid on reverse charge basis 

10. There was increase in tax rate from 20% to 24% w.e.f. 1.6.2018. Which of the following rate is applicable when services are provided after change in rate of tax in June 2017 but invoice issued and payment received, both in April 2017 

(a) 20% as it is lower of the two 
(b) 24% as it is higher of the two 
(c) 20% as invoice and payment were received prior to rate change 
(d) 24% as the supply was completed after rate change