1. Electronic Credit Ledger is Credited by:

A)  Cash Deposit towards Tax remittance
C) Cash Deposit towards Fees,Fine,Interest and Penalty
D)  Advance tax Remittance

2. CGST and SGST will be levied on;

A) Intra-state supply
B) Inter-state supply
C) Import
D) Export

3. Electronic Cash Ledger is credited by

A) Cash Deposit towards Tax remittance, Fine, Interest and Penalty
C) Cash Deposit towards Fees, Fine, Interest and Penalty Only
D) Advance tax Remittance Only

4. Which one of the following shall not be treated as supply?

A) Rental
B) Lease
C) Actionable claim
D) License

5. Input Means:

A) Any Goods Excluding Capital Goods
B) Any Goods including Capital Goods
C) Capital Goods Only
D) Capital goods used for the furtherance of the Business

6. Works contract is;

A) Supply of goods
B) Supply of services
C) Supply of both
D) Neither supply of goods nor supply of services

7. The Registration to be taken by an ISD will be:

A) IGST Registration
B) SGST Registration
C) SGST and CGST Registration
D) ISD Registration


8. On which one of the following items, GST will be levied;

A) Aviation fuel
B) Liquefied petroleum Gas
C) Natural Gas
D) High Speed Diesel oil

9. Suppose One Dealer is not eligible for Composition of Tax. But, remitted Tax Under that scheme. What will be the volume of the compulsory Penalty

A)  No Penalty at all
B)  Equal Amount of Tax leviable under Normal Scheme
C)  Two Times of the tax leviable under Normal Scheme
D)  Three Times of the tax Levi able under Normal Scheme

10. The maximum rate that can be levied as CGST or SGST will be at;

A) 18 %
B) 20%
C) 18 %
D) 40%

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