1. Whether Alcoholic Liquor for industrial and other usages is taxable under GST?

A) No
B) Yes
C) Exempted
D) Non-Taxable

2. The decision of the GST Council should be taken based on majority votes not less than:

A) ½ of the weighted votes
B) 2/3 rd of the weighted votes
C) 1/3 rd of the weighted votes
D) 3/4th of the Weighted Votes

3. Who is the Chairman & Head of the GST Council Meeting?

A) Prime Minister
B) President
C) Union Finance Minster
D) State Finance Minister nominated by GST Council

4. The weightage of the votes of the Central Government in GST Council Decision will be

A) ½ of the votes
B) 2/3 rd of the votes
C) 1/3 rd of the votes
D) 3/4th of the Votes

5. The quorum required for a meeting of the GST Council will be

A) ½ of the members
B) 2/3 rd of the members
C) 1/3 rd of the members
D) 3/4th of the members

6. The first state which ratified the GST Bill in India

A) Kerala
B) Bihar
C) Jharkhand
D) Assam

7. The number of sections, chapters and Schedules involved in the Model GST Law

A) 162 Sections, 25 Chapters and 4 Schedules
B) 126 Sections, 52 Chapters and 3 Schedules
C) 101 Sections, 21 Chapters and 2 Schedules
D) 102 Sections, 20 Chapters and 1 Schedule

8. The Accounting Standard which states about Business Vertical is

A) AS-18
B) AS-17
C) AS-16
D) AS-7

9. The permissible number of business verticals in a State in GST will be:

A) 25
B) 30
C) 35
D) 40

10. Minimum Service periods required to constitute a continuous supply of services with periodic payment

A) Exceeding 6 months
B) 6 Months
C) Exceeding 3 months
D) 3 months

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