1. What are the taxes levied on an intra-State Supply? 

(a) CGST 
(b) SGST 
(c) CGST and SGST 
(d) IGST 

2. What is the maximum rate prescribed under CGST? 

(a) 12% 
(b) 28% 
(c) 20% 
(d) 18% 

3. Who will notify the rate of tax to be levied under CGST? 

(a) Central Government suo moto 
(b) State Government suo moto 
(c) GST Council suo moto 
(d) Central Government as per the recommendations of the GST Council 

4. What are the supplies on which reverse charge mechanism would apply? 

(a) Notified categories of goods or services or both 
(b) Inward supply of goods or services or both from an unregistered dealer 
(c) Both of the above 
(d) None of the above 

5. When does the liability to pay GST arise in case of supply of goods? 

(a) On raising of invoice 
(b) At the time of supply of goods 
(c) On receipt of payment 
(d) Earliest of a ,b or c 

6. What is time of supply of goods under CGST Act, 2017? 

(a) Date of issue of invoice Time and Value of Supply 23 Indirect Taxes Committee 
(b) Date of receipt of consideration by the supplier 
(c) Date of dispatch of goods 
(d) Earlier of (a) & (b) 

7. Can the recipient avail the Input tax credit for the part payment of the amount to the supplier within one hundred and eighty days? 

(a) Yes on full tax amount and partly value amount 
(b) No he can’t until full amount is paid to supplier 
(c) Yes but proportionately to the extent of value and tax paid Input Tax Credit 53 Indirect Taxes Committee 
(d) Not applicable 

8. Whether credit can be availed without actual receipt of goods where goods are transferred through transfer of document of title before or during the movement of goods? 

(a) Yes 
(b) No 
(c) Yes, in specific instances 
(d) Can be availed only after transfer of document of title after movement of goods 

9. Whether depreciation on tax component of capital goods and Plant and Machinery and whether input tax credit is Permissible? 

(a) Yes 
(b) No 
(c) Input tax credit is eligible if depreciation on tax component is not availed 
(d) None of the above 

10. Any input tax paid on purchase of goods or services by an assessee for employees is eligible? 

(a) No 
(b) Yes 
(c) Yes, on the services notified which are obligatory for an employer to provide to its employees under any law for the time being in force 
(d) Not applicable