1. What is the basic objective of setting up settlement Commission?

(A) To give alternative channel for dispute settlement
(B) To expedite GST payment and to avoid litigation
(C) To give an option for voluntary disclosure
(D) All of the Above

2. Who will be the head of the National Settlement Commission?

(A) National President designated and appointed as such
(B) National Chairman designated and appointed as such
(C) Either a sitting or Retired Judge of a High Court
(D) (b) and (c) Above

3. The jurisdiction of a state settlement commission will be:

(A) Single State Only
(B) One or More States
(C) Either of the Above
(D) None of the Above

4. If there is difference of opinion in the bench of settlement commission consisting of 2 members, what will be the next option?

(A) Refer the case to a 3rd member and take decision based on majority
(B) Refer the case to any other bench consisting of 2 members
(C) Refer the case to a larger bench and take decision based on majority
(D) Any of the Above

5. Who can apply for settlement of GST cases before the settlement commission?

(A) Any taxable person whose appeal is pending before the National Appellate Tribunal or its state bench
(B) Any taxable person in receipt of one or more SCNs and the final order is pending before either the adjudicating authority or First Appellate Authority
(C) Any taxable person whose appeal is pending before any HC or Supreme Court of India
(D) Any of the above

6. In the application for settlement of cases, voluntary and full disclosures of certain facts are compulsory. What are they?

(A) Undisclosed tax liability before the proper officer of IGST
(B) Manner of deriving the undisclosed tax liability
(C) Additional admitted tax details, misclassification and exemption notification details
(D) All of the above

7. What are the conditions for filing an application for settlement?

(i) Filing of the returns, if the same is not waived by the settlement commission
(ii) Receipt of SCN or Appeal pending before the FAA
(iii) Additional admitted tax in the application for settlement exceeds ` 5/-Lakhs
(iv) Remittance of the additional accepted tax along with interest


(A) i, ii & iii
(B) i, ii & iv
(C) ii, iii & iv
(D) i, ii, iii & iv

8. What are the reasons on which an application for settlement can be rejected?

(A) Cases on which appeals are pending before any Tribunal bench or courts
(B) Cases involving rate of tax issue or determination of liability to pay tax
(C) Non-remittance of the prescribed fee
(D) All of the Above

9. Suppose One Taxable person has filed an application before the settlement commission fulfilling all the 4 conditions for filing the same. Whether he has any option to withdraw the application?

 (A) Yes
 (B) No
(C) At the discretion of the Settlement Commission
(D) At the option of the Applicant

10. The maximum permissible number of instalment for the tax and other dues payment in GST will be:

(A) 6 Monthly Instalments
(B) 12 Monthly Instalments
(C) 18 Monthly Instalments
(D) 24 Monthly Instalments

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