1. Which of the following is /are called as ‘fourth estate’?

(a) Print media 
(b) Electronic media 
(c) Visual media 
(d) All the above

2. Largest circulated Government publication is

(a) Employment News 
(b) Kurukshetra 
(c) Suraksha 
(d) Yojna

3. Folio line gives details of:

(a) Editorial staff 
(b) Index of stories 
(c) Company 
(d) Page numbers

4. ‘Middle’ means:

(a) A type of headline 
(b) An amusing write up on the editorial page
(c) A kind of advertisement 
(d) A style of writing

5. Imprint line means:

(a) Type size 
(b) Details of registration
(c) A printing method 
(d) Lead story

6. The other name of feature is:

(a) Colour story 
(b) Entertainer 
(c) Brightner 
(d) Lightner

7. Another name for Banner headline is:

(a) Kicker head 
(b) Line head 
(c) Crossline 
(d) Hammer head

8. Free Press of India was founded by

(a) K.C.Roy 
(b) S.Sadanand 
(c) B.G.Verghese 
(d) R.B.Goenka

9. National Press Day is on:

(a) November 1 
(b) October 21 
(c) November 16 
(d) January 7

10. The word journalism is derived from:

(a) French 
(b) German 
(c) Greek 
(d) Latin

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