1.PUCL stands for?

(A) People Union for Cultural Liberty 
(B) People’s Union for Civil Liberties
(C) People’s Union for Civil Law 
(D) None of the above

2.“Habeas Corpus” means?

(A) Have you the body 
(B) produce the body
(C) Find out the person 
(D) release the person

3.The UDHR was passed by the General Assembly on --------

(A) 24thOctober 
(B) 10th December
(C) 24th November 
(D) 26th January

4. Which among the following is a First Generation Right?

(A) Economic Rights 
(B) Social Rights
(C) Political Rights 
(D) Cultural rights

5.How many Articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

(A) 30 
(B) 34 
(C) 50 
(D) 45

6. Which Article awards freedom of Press in India?

(A) 51A 
(B) 19(1)a 
(C) 25 
(D) 32

7.Human Right Day is observing on ---------

(A) 14th November 
(B) 24th October
(C) 10th December 
(D) 1st January

8.Where is the Head Quarters of UNESCO?

(A) Geneva 
(B) Washington 
(C) New York 
(D) Paris

9.The constitutional amendment to right to education was passed in -------

(A) 2005 
(B) 2009 
(C) 2002 
(D) 2011

10. PIL stands for:

(A) Private Interest Litigation 
(B) Public Interest Litigation
(C) Public International Law 
(D) Public institute of law

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission