1. When was the first Conference on Women held?

(A) 1970 
(B) 1972 
(C) 1975 
(D) 1980

2. National Women Commission is ----------body

(A) Statutory 
(B) Constitutional 
(C) Executive 
(D) Judicial

3. Which is regarded as the International Bill of Rights for Women?

(A) Convention on the elimination of All Forms of discrimination Against Women 

4. Which world conference on women discussed domestic violence as an important matter.

(A) Copenhagen 
(B) Mexico 
(C) Nairobi 
(D) Beijing

5. A meeting on violence in the family was held in -------- in 1986.

(A) New York 
(B) Vienna 
(C) Beijing 
(D) Mexico

6. Who believed that basic liberties are essentials for individuals of a society to move towards perfection?

(A) UpendraBexi 
(B) Laski 
(C) John Rawls 
(D) Robert Dahl

7. When was the Nairobi conference held?

(A) 1975 
(B) 1985 
(C) 1980 
(D) 1990

8. Where was the fourth world conference on women held?

(A) Nairobi 
(B) Copenhagen 
(C) Vienna 
(D) Beijing

9. When was the National Commission for women constituted in India?

(A) 1975 
(B) 1975 
(C) 1980 
(D) 1992

10. When was the first Dowry Prohibition Act passed in India?

(A) 1972 
(B) 1960 
(C) 1961 
(D) 1975

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission