1.Socialist approach emphasized on -------------

(A) Economic and Social Rights 
(B) civil and political rights
(C) Cultural rights 
(D) Environmental rights

2. I.L.O was formed in the year--------

(A) 1945 
(B) 1920 
(C) 1950 
(D) 1919

3.What is the idea of western approach?

(A) Economic and social rights 
(B) Fundamental individualism
(C) Cultural rights 
(D) Social development

4.Marxist concept put emphasis on --------

(A) Individual rights 
(B) Cultural rights
(C) Social rights 
(D) Personal rights

5.Civil and Political rights are considered as -------generation Rights

(A) Third generation 
(B) Second generation
(C) First generation 
(D) None of these

6.When was the Paris Peace Conference held?

(A) 1917 
(B) 1918 
(C) 1919 
(D) 1920

7.Where was the headquarters of theLeague of Nations?

(A) Paris 
(B) Geneva 
(C) Moscow 
(D) New York

8.”Peace can be established only ifit is based upon social justice”-Which Organization proclaimed this?

(C) ILO 

9. When was the UNESCO formed?

(A) 1946 
(B) 1950 
(C) 1956 
(D) 1962

10.Where is the headquarters of the WHO?

(A) Paris 
(B) New York 
(C) Geneva 
(D) Washington

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission