1. Whose philosophy inspired more to the French revolution?

(A) John Locke 
(B) Rousseau 
(C) Bentham 
(D) Thomas Hobbes

2. When was the French Revolution?

(A) 1787 
(B) 1688  
(C) 1991 
(D) 1789

3. “Men are born and equal in rights”-Who said this?

(A) T.H.Green 
(B) Bentham 
(C) Rousseau 
(D) John Locke

4. The Magna Carta was signed in the year

(A) 1340 
(B) 1251 
(C) 1215 
(D) 1420

5. Which king signed the Magna Carta?

(A) John 
(B) Charles 
(C) George 
(D) William

6.The Atlantic Charter was signed by Winston Churchill and ------------

(A) Franklin Roosevelt 
(B) Woodrow Wilson
(C) Abraham Lincoln 
(D) Reagan

7.“Complete victory over their enemies was essential to defend life,liberty,Independence, religious freedom and to preserve human rights and justice in their own land as well as other lands “- Which declaration mention this?

(A) American declaration 
(B) French declaration
(C) U.N. Declaration 
(D) Human rights Declaration

8. Which is the U.N day?

(A) 24th September 
(B) 24th October
(C) 10th December 
(D) 14th November

9. In which article of the Indian Constitution, the Right to Education is incorporated?

(A) Article 19 
(B) article 21 
(C) Article 21A 
(D) Article 29

10. Right to information Act was passed in…………..

(A) 2005 
(B) 2000 
(C) 1995 
(D) 1998

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission