1. The international decade of women was observed

(A) 1985-1995 
(B) 1995-2005 
(C) 1975—1985 
(D) 1965-1975

2. Fundamental Duties are included in the Article ------ of the Indian Constitution

(A) 51A 
(B) 50 
(C) 48 
(D) 32

3. International Women’s day is observed on

(A) June 5 
(B) March 28 
(C) Aujust15 
(D) March8

4. Which is the first human rights declaration adopted by the United Nations?


5. Where was the Universal Declaration adopted?

(A) London 
(B) Paris 
(C) Washington 
(D) Geneva

6. How many countries are members of the Commission on Human Rights?

(A) 53 
(B) 40 
(C) 58 
(D) 60

7.Which United Nations Council selects the members of the Commission on Human Rights?

(A) WHO 
(C) ILO 
(D) Economic and Social Council.

8. Where does the United Nations Commission on Human Rights meet?

(A) London 
(B) Paris 
(C) New York 
(D) In Geneva

9. Right to peace isa ------------ generation right

(A) Third generation 
(B) Second Generation 
(C) First Generation 
(D) None of these

10. When was the Earth Summit held?

(A) 1972 
(B) 1992 
(C) 1987 
(D) 2000

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission