1. The slogan ‘No taxation without Representation’ was shouted in which country?

(A) America 
(B) France 
(C) Russia 
(D) China

2. Who is the exponent of Rule of Law?

(A) Laski 
(B) A.V Dicey 
(C) Herbert spencer 
(D) Robert A Dahl

3. Which concept put emphasis on social rights rather than individual rights?

(A) Liberal concept 
(B) western concept 
(C) Marxian concept 
(D) Feminist concept

4. Right of Self Determination is a -----------right

(A) Political right 
(B) Collective right 
(C) Economic right 
(D) Cultural right

5. The Human Rights Commission was established in

(A) 1946 
(B) 1948 
(C) 1952 
(D) 1950

6. Why is 1917 important?

(A) French revolution 
(B) Russian revolution
(C) American Revolution 
(D) industrial revolution

7. Who wrote the book ‘Human rights and inhuman wrongs’?

(A) ChiranjeeviNirmal 
(B) V.R.KrishnaIyer
(C) UpendraBaxi 
(D) Andrew Clapham

8. What is ECOSOC?

(A) Economic and Social Council 
(B) Ecological and Social Club
(C) Eco Society of Canada 
(D) Eco Social Council

9. Who was the first chairman of the Commission on Human Right?

(A) Thomas Paine 
(B) Woodrow Wilson
(C) Thomas Jefferson 
(D) Eleanor Roosevelt 

10.Which approach emphasises on self-determination and economic development?

(A) Liberal approach 
(B) Third world approach
(C) Feminist approach 
(D) Marxist approach

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission