1. Who said every life is valuable, and murder another means elimination of an Individuality

(A) Gilchrist 
(B) Bentham 
(C) Spencer 
(D) T.H. Green

2. Suicide is an offence to oneself, offence to community as well as offence to god. who said this?

(A) Aquinas 
(B) Bentham 
(C) Laski 
(D) Spencer

3. Fundamental rights are------- rights

(A) Non- Justiciable rights 
(B) Moral Rights 
(C) Justiciable Rights 
(D) Legal rights

4. Liberty without -----------------is meaningless.

(A) Right 
(B) Fraternity 
(C) Duties 
(D) equality

5. Article 17 of Indian constitution deals with .............

(A) Abolition of untouchability 
(B) Abolition of Titles
(C) Right to Freedom 
(D) Right to Religion

6. Right to life is guaranteed in Indian constitution in article

(A) 19 
(B) 28 
(C) 21 
(D) 32

7. Right to family is ensured in article---------of UDHR

(A) 21 
(B) 16
(C) 28 
(D) 14 

8. Right to work is incorporated in part------------of Indian constitution

(A) IIIrd part 
(B) VIth part 
(C) VIIth part 

9. Right to resistance is a-------------------------------right

(A) civil 
(B) economic 
(C) Political 
(D) Social

10. Liberty is the atmosphere created by rights, who said

(A) Laski 
(B) Bentham 
(C) Hobbes 
(D) T.H. Green

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission