1. The principles of greatest good of the greatest number was advocated by which school of thought

(A) Marxism
(B) Idealism 
(C) Liberalism 
(D) utilitarianism  

2. Which were the two words included in the preamble of Indian constitution through 42nd amendment?

(A) Democracy and federalism 
(B) Secularism and socialism
(C) Nationalism and secularism 
(D) Secularism and democracy

3. Which amendment to the constitution gave precedence to DPSP over FR

(A) 42nd amendment 
(B) 44th amendment
(C) 56th amendment 
(D) 66th amendment

4. The six freedoms of Indian citizens have been enshrined in

(A) Article 19 
(B) Article 22 
(C) Article 21 
(D) Article 32

5. Which one of the following was wrongly listed in the group of freedom under article 19

(A) Freedom of assembly, 
(B) Freedom of religion
(C) Freedom of movement 
(D) Freedom of residence

6. Which writ is used the court, directing to a person to perform public duties

(A) Mandamus 
(B) Certiorari
(C) Habeas Corpus 
(D) Prohibition

7. Who said state is known by the rights that it maintains 

(A) Laski 
(B) T.H.Green 
(C) David Eastern 
(D) Robert Dahl

8. “Right is a claim recognized by the society and enforced by the state” ,who said?

(A) Elbert Spencer 
(B) Harold Laski
(C) T.H.Green 
(D) Bosanquet

9. Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are the slogans of -----------

(A) American Revolution 
(B) French Revolution
(C) Russian Revolution 
(D) Glorious Revolution

10. Generally rights are classified in to civil and------------rights

(A) Social 
(B) Economic 
(C) Political 
(D) cultural

MCQs on Human Rights & Human Rights Commission