1. Which day is celebrated as 'International Day of Yoga'?

(A) June 20
(B) June 21
(C) June 22
(D) June 23

2. Who compiled 'Yoga Sutra'

(A) Patanjali
(B) Gheranda
(C) Svatmarama
(D) None of the above

3. When did the UN General Assembly announce 21st June as the International Yoga Day?
(A) 21st June 2014
(B) 11th Dec 2014
(C) 12th Dec 2014
(D)11th June 2014

4. Name the title of the book released on 17th June’15 that has been complied by Dr. Imran Chaudhary and Abhijeet Singh published by Muslim Rashtriya Manch?
(A) Yoga and Islam
(B) Islamic Yoga
(C) Yoga for All
(D) Karma Yoga

5. Which of the following is one of the Five Principles of Yoga by Sivanandi?

(A) Savasana
(B) Bhakti
(C) Jnana
(D) Tantra

6. The appropriate amount of time to wait after a meal before beginning a yoga practice is:

(A) 30 minutes
(B) 60 minutes
(C) 90 minutes
(D) 2 hours

7. Every Yoga teacher must start the practice session with

(A) Pranayama
(B) Asana 
(C) Kriya
(D) Silence

8. The purpose of Yoga as taught by the ancients is to attain: 

(A) Perfect health
(B) Peace of mind
(C) Stress relief
(D) Enlightenment or Self-realization.

9. Which of the following describes Kali Ray Triyoga?

(A) It puts emphasis on Proper Breath, alignment, coordination of breath and movement and ‘honouring the wisdom of the body’
(B) It puts equal emphasis on Pranaya, Meditation and on the Asanas
(C) It brings Posture, Breath and Focus together to create dynamic, intuitive flows
(D) It focuses on the controlled release of the Kundalini energy

10. Who compiled ‘Hathayoga pradipika’?

(A) Patanjali
(B) Gheranda
(C) Svatmarama
(D) None of the above

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