1) A company is called an artificial person because

(A) It does not have the shape of a normal man.
(B) It cannot be sued in the court of law.
(C) It is invisible and intangible.
(D) It exists only in contemplation of law.

2) The ‘common seal’ of the company should have

(A) The company’s name. 
(B) The words ‘corporate seal’.
(C) The place of the company. 
(D) All the above.

3) Which of the following is a joint stock company as per the companies Act, 1956?

(A) A charitable trust.
(B) A partnership firm with fixed capital.
(C) A society with fixed reserve fund.
(D) none of the above.

4) Power to use official seal of the company outside India is to be authorized by.

(A) Article of Association.
(B) Memorandum of Association
(C) Both Memorandum and Article of Association.
(D) Central Government.

5) A company comes into legal existence as a person on.

(A) Approval by Company Law Tribunal to commence business.
(B) Approval by Central Government as being a bonafide company.
(C) Acceptance of legal documents by the registrar for its incorporation.
(D) Issue of certificate of incorporation by the Registrar of companies.

6) The word ‘Limited’ can be dropped from a company’s name only when.

(A) The company is formed for promotion of commerce, art, science, religion, charity or any other useful object.
(B) The company prohibits the payment of dividends.
(C) Both (a) and (b).
(D) The central Government deems it fit.

7) A public company can be called as a body corporate after it.

(A) Receives certificate of commencement of business.
(B) Issues prospectus.
(C) Receives certificate of incorporation.
(D) Receives approval from the registrar for the proposed name of the company.

8) A registered company is the company which is incorporated.

(A) Under the companies Act, 1956.
(B) By a special notification of the central Government.
(C) under the Indian Registration Act.
(D) By a special Act of Parliament or State.

9) The minimum number of members required to form a ‘public Company’ is.

(A) 2
(C) 10 
(D) 50

10) The minimum and maximum number of members in a private company are.

(A) 7 and 50. 
(B) 2 and 50.
(C) 3 and 100. 
(D) 2 and unlimited.