94. Contributions, etc., due to Corporation to have priority over other debts
There shall be deemed to be included among the debts which, under section 49 of the Presidency-Towns Insolvency Act, 1909, or under section 61 of the Provincial Insolvency Act,1920, 134[or under any law relating to insolvency in force 134[in the territories which, immediately before the lst November, 1956 were comprised in a Part B State] ], 135[or under section 530 of the Companies Act, 1956], are in the distribution of the property of the insolvent or in the distribution of the assets of a company being wound up, to be paid in priority to all other debts, the amount due in respect of any contribution or any other amount payable under this Act the liability where for accrued before the date of the order of adjudication of the insolvent or the date of the winding up, as the case may be.