Solved Question Paper for Junior Works Manager (Civil) in Ordnance Factory Board conducted by UPSC


(a) 51 %
(b) 55 %
(c) 58 %
(d) 61 %

Answer: (a)

22. Bearing stiffeners in plate girders are provided at
(a) Mid-span
(b) Quarter point
(c) Equal intervals
(d) Supports

Answer: (d)

23. Effective throat size of a fillet is
(a) A function of the angle between the fusion sides
(b) Equal to the hypotenuse of the weld triangle
(c) The perimeter of the weld divided by the size of the weld
(d) 0.707 times the size of the weld

Answer: (d)

24. Diameter of a bolt hole is usually taken as
(a) Gross diameter of bolt
(b) Nominal diameter + 1.5 mm
(c) Nominal diameter + 2.0 mm
(d) Nominal diameter of bolt

Answer: (b)


Answer: (c)

26. Bending compressive and tensile stresses respectively are calculated based on
(a) Bending moment
(b) Shear force
(c) Shear force and bending moment
(d) Torsion

Answer: (a)

27. Lacing bars in a built-up steel column should be designed to resist
(a) Axial force
(b) Shear force
(c) Bending moment
(d) Torsion

Answer: (b)

28. The stage at which the tendon force is released on concrete permanently is called
(a) Pre-tensioning
(b) Post-tensioning
(c) Anchoring
(d) Transfer

Answer: (d)

29. The loss of prestress due to elastic shortening of concrete is least in
(a) One wire pre-tensioned beam
(b) One wire post-tensioned beam
(c) Multiple wire pre-tensioned beam with sequential cutting of wires
(d) Multiple wire post-tensioned beams subjected to sequential prestressing

Answer: (b)

30. Grouting of ducts in post-tensioned concrete construction causes
(a) Reduction in pre-stress
(b) Increase in pre-stress
(c) Reduction in corrosion
(d) Increase in corrosion

Answer: (c)



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