Solved Question Paper for Medical Officer- Research Officer (Ayurveda), Ministry of Ayush conducted by UPSC

 131. Which one of the following drugs is a content of Ahiphen Vati?

(a) Dhaturā

(b) Vatsanābha

(c) Kanera

(d) Kharjūra

Answer: (d)

132. In which one of the following Sthāna, Sthaulya is described in Caraka Samhita?

(a) Chikitsā sthāna

(b) Sutra sthāna

(c) Nidāna sthāna

(d) Vimana sthāna

Answer: (b)

133. In general, for Āsavāriṣta preparation, how much Guḍa should be taken for one Droṇa Jala?

(a) 1 tulā

(b) 3 tulā

(c) 5 tulā

(d) 10 tulā

Answer: (a)

134. For which one of the following diseases Śārṅgdhara has advised Dāḍima Puṭapāka?

(a) Jvara

(b) Atisāra

(c) Udaraśūla

(d) Amlapitta

Answer: (b)

135. Avalguja is the synonym of:

(a) Bākucī.

(b) Udumbara.

(c) Palāśa.

(d) Khadira.

Answer: (a)

136. According to Caraka, what is the main factor of all Dukhas?

(a) Upadhā

(b) Prajñāparādha

(c) Pariṇāma

(d) Karma

Answer: (a)

137. In which season (Ṛtu) should we take Ghṛta?

(a) Śarada

(b) Prāvṛṭ

(c) Grīṣma

(d) Vasanta

Answer: (a)

138. When the condition of a patient of Tamaka Śvāsa is complicated with Jvara and Mūrchā, such a condition is called:

(a) Santamaka Śvāsa.

(b) Pratamaka Śvāsa.

(c) Mahā Śvāsa.

(d) Ūrdhva Śvāsa.

Answer: (b)

139. ‘Bibheti Durbaloabhīkṣaṇam, Dhyāyati Vyathitendriyaḥ’ are the symptoms of which one of the following types of kṣaya?

(a) Kṣataja kṣaya

(b) Rasa kṣaya

(c) Raktaja kṣaya

(d) Ojas kṣaya

Answer: (d)

140. Which one of the following is considered as Kālantara vipāki?

(a) Sthāvara viṣa

(b) Dūṣī viṣa

(c) Gara viṣa

(d) Upa viṣa

Answer: (c)



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