Solved Question Paper for Medical Officer (Homoeopathy) in Govt. of NCT of Delhi conducted by UPSC

 11. The diagnostic test with best sensitivity and specificity to diagnose chronic pancreatitis is:

(a) Abdominal CT scan

(b) Abdominal radiograph

(c) Abdominal ultrasound

(d) Secretion test

Answer: (d)

12. Radiographic ‘string sign’ is a feature of:

(a) Diverticular disease

(b) Ulcerative colitis

(c) Crohn’s disease

(d) Acute Intestinal obstruction

Answer: (c)

13. A booming ‘pistol-shot’ sound heard over the formal arteries is found in:

(a) Mitral stenosis

(b) Mitral regurgitation

(c) Aortic regurgitation

(d) Aortic stenosis

Answer: (c)

14. Detection of which autoantibody is considered as the best screening test for SLE?

(a) Anti-dsDNA

(b) Anti-Ro

(c) Antinuclear antibody

(d) Anti-RNP

Answer: (c)

15. All are radiographic features of Osteoarthritis EXCEPT:

(a) Narrowed joint space

(b) Osteophytes

(c) Subchondral bone sclerosis

(d) Subchondral bone osteopenia

Answer: (d)

16. The hallmark of proliferative diabetic retinopathy is:

(a) Microaneurysms

(b) Haemorrhage

(c) Cotton-wool spots

(d) Neovascularisation

Answer: (d)

17. In cholinergic urticaria the pruritic wheals develop after exposure to:

(a) Hot bath

(b) Cold bath

(c) Pressure

(d) Wheat protein

Answer: (a)

18. The ‘tram tracks’ sign on X ray is found in patients of:

(a) Bronchial asthma

(b) Bronchiectasis

(c) Chronic bronchitis

(d) Silicosis

Answer: (b)

19. Neurologic symptoms produced by an elevation of the body’s core temperature are features of:

(a) Systemic sclerosis

(b) Multiple sclerosis

(c) Systematic lupus erythematosus

(d) Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Answer: (b)

20. Pel-Ebstein fever is seen in:

(a) Burkitt’s lymphoma

(b) Mantle cell lymphoma

(c) Hodgkin’s lymphoma

(d) Follicular lymphoma

Answer: (c)



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