91. In the case of procurement of consulting services, what is the estimated cost of the consulting services beyond which an enquiry for seeking ‘Expression of Interest’ from consultants should be published on Central Public Procurement Portal and on Government e-Marketplace?

(a) Rs. 10 Lakhs

(b) Rs. 15 Lakhs

(c) Rs. 20 Lakhs

(d) Rs. 25 Lakhs

Answer: (d)

92. The process in which technical bids and financial bids are called for in separate sealed envelopes and the financial bids of only the qualified technical bids are opened and evaluated is called:

(a) two bid system.

(b) two stage bidding.

(c) single bid system.

(d) multi bid system.

Answer: (a)

93. Separate accounts have to be kept for fixed assets such as plant, machinery, equipment, furniture etc in the form:

(a) GFR 21

(b) GFR 22

(c) GFR 23

(d) GFR 24

Answer: (b)

94. A contract for supply of materials at specified rates during the period of the contract is called:

(a) Fixed Contract.

(b) Rate Contract.

(c) Works Contract.

(d) Running Contract.

Answer: (b)

95. The practice of buying materials in a quantity exceeding current requirements, but NOT beyond actual foreseeable requirements is called:

(a) Speculative Buying.

(b) Forward Buying.

(c) Hedging.

(d) Tender Buying.

Answer: (b)

96. As per GFR 2017, what does the term “Original works” mean?

(a) Works undertaken to maintain building and fixtures

(b) Works which add capital value to existing assets but do not create new assets

(c) Services or goods incidental or consequential to the original or repair works

(d) All new constructions, site preparation, additions and alterations to existing works, special repairs to newly purchased or previously abandoned buildings or structures, including remodeling or replacement

Answer: (d)

97. As per rule 133(1) of GFR, 2017, what is the limit up to which a Ministry or Department at its discretion can directly execute repair works?

(a) Up to Rs. 30 Lakh

(b) Above Rs. 30 Lakh and up to Rs. 50 Lakh

(c) Up to Rs. 40 Lakh

(d) Of any value

Answer: (a)

98. As per GFR 2017, what is the retention period of the Pay Bill Register?

(a) 20 years

(b) 25 years

(c) 30 years

(d) 35 years

Answer: (d)

99. Expenditure statements in respect of Department itself are to be weeded out after:

(a) the Finance Accounts for the year have been finalized.

(b) the Appropriation Accounts for the year have been finalized.

(c) the budget has been passed.

(d) the Finance Act has been passed.

Answer: (b)

100. Rates of Guarantee Fee for borrowing under inter corporate transfers envisaged in the Annual Plan as specified in GFR 2017 is:

(a) 0.25%

(b) 1.00%

(c) 1.20%

(d) 2.50%

Answer: (a)