MCQs on Chemical Engineering - 15

 1. Which one of the following is an example of amphoteric oxide?

Answer: (d)

2. Which one of the following material is used for control rods in Uranium reactors?
(a) Boron Steel
(b) Antimony
(c) Carbon Steel
(d) Titanium

Answer: (a)

3. What is the frequency of the radiation with a wavelength of 10.6 πœ‡m, produced by 𝐢𝑂2(𝑔 ) laser?

Answer: (c)

4. What is the concentration of a solution of cane sugar (C12H22O11) which is isotonic with a solution containing 9.0 𝑔 of urea CO(NH2)2?
(a) 34.2 𝑔/𝑙
(b) 51.3 𝑔/𝑙
(c) 25.6 𝑔/𝑙
(d) 17.1 𝑔/𝑙

Answer: (b)

5. What is the correct order of boiling points for the following hydrides?

Answer: (b)

6. When a suitable fraction from petroleum distillation (C12 and higher) is heated at high temperature (500°πΆ) in the presence of a catalyst the molecule break apart and rearrange to smaller, more highly branched alkanes having 5-10 carbon atoms. This process is called as:
(a) Thermal cracking
(b) Catalytic cracking
(c) Octane rating
(d) Knocking

Answer: (b)

7. High speed engines require:
(a) Same octane value fuel
(b) High octane value fuel
(c) Low octane value fuel
(d) Average octane value fuel

Answer: (c)

8. Which one of the following will act as a catalyst for selectoforming (a mild hydrogeneration process) in petroleum refining?
(a) Non-metals
(b) Non-noble metals
(c) Noble metals
(d) Transition metals

Answer: (b)

9. Hydrocracking is a process of cracking in the presence of:
(a) Water
(b) Hydrogen
(c) Hydroxide
(d) Hydrides

Answer: (b)

10. Propane has a heat of vaporization of 101.8 cal/g at −42.1°πΆ, and its critical constant is 96.7°πΆ. The heat of vaporization at 80°πΆ will be:
(a) 50.4 cal /𝑔
(b) 45.6 cal /𝑔
(c) 40.4 cal/𝑔
(d) 35.6 cal/𝑔

Answer: (b)



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