MCQs on Chemical Engineering - 18

1. A water pipe vibrates at a frequency of 10 Hz with a displacement of 0.5 cm. The peak acceleration apeak will be:

(a) 2 ๐‘”
(b) 3 ๐‘”
(c) 4 ๐‘”
(d) 5 ๐‘”

Answer: (a)

2. The velocity of EM radiation in the glass for an index of refraction of ๐‘› =1.57 will be nearly:

Answer: (d)

3. The atoms on one side of the boundary are located in the mirror-image positions of the atoms on the other side, is called:
(a) Twin boundary
(b) Twist boundary
(c) Tilt boundary
(d) Angle grain boundary

Answer: (a)

4. Which one of the following pyrometers is designed to collect the radiation extending from the visible through the infrared wavelengths?
(a) Broad band Pyrometer
(b) Total Radiation Pyrometer
(c) Narrow band Pyrometer
(d) Optical Pyrometer

Answer: (b)

5. Hydrothermal reservoirs refer to:

(a) Hot water stored in a natural dam
(b) Large pools of steam or hot water trapped in porous rocks
(c) Molten rock found below earth’s crust
(d) Heat contained in shallow ground

Answer: (b)


Answer: (b)


Answer: (c)

8. A cold storage is to be maintained at −5°๐ถ, while the surrounding temperature is 35°๐ถ๐ถ. The heat leakage from the surroundings into the storage is estimated to be 29 kW. The actual COP of the refrigeration plant is 1/3 that of an ideal plant. The power required to drive the plant is:
(a) 19 kW
(b) 17 kW
(c) 15 kW
(d) 13 kW

Answer: (d)

9. What is the correct sequence of the following substances in the increasing order with their triple point temperature?
(a) Nitrogen < Hydrogen < Oxygen < Argon < Water
(b) Hydrogen < Argon < Nitrogen < Oxygen < Water
(c) Nitrogen < Oxygen < Hydrogen < Argon < Water
(d) Hydrogen < Oxygen < Nitrogen < Argon < Water

Answer: (d)

10. In the Orsat apparatus the relative proportions of the measured three gases are:

Answer: (a)


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