MCQs on Disaster Management - 12

1. Typhoons cyclone are formed in

a) India
b) China
c) Philipines
d) Japan

Answer: (b)

2. U.N. Disaster Management Team UNDMT is responsible for solving problems resulting from disasters in? 

a) India 
b) Iran 
c) Bangladesh 
d) All countries the world

Answer: (d)

3. Ultimate consequences of war are 

a) A. Decline in human population 
b) B. Outbreak of diseases and epidemics 
c) C. Rise in refugees
d)D. All of the above

Answer: (d)

4. Ultraviolet rays in radiations of sun is absorbed by 

a) troposphere 
b) thermosphere 
c) stratosphere 
d) ozone

Answer: (d)

5. Urbanization usually results in an increase in flood frequency because ______

a) less water is able to runoff in streams 
b) less water is able to infiltrate into the ground, so instead is discharged rapidly into streams 
c) more water is used by humans and then discharged to streams 
d) rainfall is greater in urban areas than in rural areas

Answer: (b)

6. Usually the largest floods in a stream occur _________

a) very frequently, several times in one year 
b) frequently, every few years 
c) rarely, about every ten years 
d)rarely, or once every few 100 years

Answer: (b)

7. Vibrations radiate from focus in all direction as 

a) Longitudinal waves 
b) Transverse waves 
c) Seismic waves 
d)Typanic waves

Answer: (c)

8. Warm air -------------- is than cold air 

a) Heavier 
b) lighter 
c) no difference in weight 
d)very much lighter

Answer: (a)

9. What are the major consequences of Tropical cyclones? 

a) Fierce wind 
b) Heavy rain 
c) Storm surge 
d)All of the above

Answer: (d)

10. When a river’s water level reaches 10 metres, this means that: 

a) the water level is 10 metres above an arbitrary ‘zero’ level 
b) the water level is 10 metres above mean sea level 
c) the water level is 10 metres above mean sea level or an arbitrary ‘zero’ level 
d) it will flood.

Answer: (c)

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