MCQs on Disaster Management - 15

1. Which one among these is not an essential condition for emergence of Tropical Cyclone? 

a) Peninsular landmass 
b) Strong coriolis force that can prevent filling of low pressure at the centre.
c) Large and continuous supply of warm and moist air that can release enormous latent heat. d)Absence of strong vertical wind wedge, which disturbs the vertical transport of latent heat.

Answer: (a)

2. Below average rainfall for a prolonged period of time is called 

a) Famine 
b) Drought 
c) Flood 
d) None of these

Answer: (b)

3. The epicenter of the earthquake of the magnitude of 5.7 which occurred on the 3 of Jan, 2017 in Tripura was located at: (Answer : A)

a) Dhalai District 
b) West District 
c) North District 
d) Gomati District

Answer: (a)

4. ------ drought leads to reduction of natural stream flows and ground water levels. 

a) Meteorological drought 
b) Hydrological drought 
c) Agricultural drought 
d) Socioeconomic drought

Answer: (b)

5. ------ drought makes the soil’s moisture level insufficient to maintain the average crop 

a) Meteorological drought 
b) Agricultural drought 
c) Hydrological drought 
d) Socioeconomic drought

Answer: (b)

6. Just prior to a tsunami coming ashore, sea level appears to fall quickly. This phenomenon is called

a) Sea level drop 
b) Draw fall 
c)  Drawdown 
d) Dip in sea level

Answer: (c)

7. A cyclone is called a____________in Philippines and Japan. 

a) Hurricane 
b) Typhoon 
c)  Tornado 
d) Thunderstorm

Answer: (b)

8. A cyclone is called a________in the American Continent. 

a) Hurricane 
b) Typhoon 
c) Tornado 
d) Thunderstorm

Answer: (a)

9. A flash flood is a flood that 

a) is caused by heavy rain rather than from the flooding of a river 
b) occurs in urban areas 
c) occurs suddenly and unexpectedly and for a short duration 
d) is caused by the blocking of drains.

Answer: (c)

10. A flood can be caused by: 

a) Rising rivers 
b) High tides 
c) Heavy rain in a small area 
d)All of the above

Answer: (d)


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