1. In the future, which of the following is unlikely? 

a) there will be an increased chance of flash flooding and coastal inundation 

b) flood risk will increase due to population growth and urbanisation 

c) improvements in flood forecasting and warning technologies will reduce the impacts of floods 

d) we will be able to eliminate the risk of flooding.

Answer: (d)

2. Just prior to a tsunami coming ashore, sea level appears to fall quickly. This phenomenon is called

a) Sea level drop 

b) Draw fall 

c) Drawdown 

d) Dip in sea level

Answer: (c)

3. Lakes and forests are best classified as examples of 

a) artificial ecosystem 

b) natural ecosystem 

c) natural biosphere 

d)artificial biosphere

Answer: (b)

4. Land slide and can be defined as the of slope. 

a) Downward movement 

b) Upward movement 

c) Outward movement 

d) Downward and Outward movement

Answer: (d)

5. Landslides occur because of- 

a) Rainfall 

b) Steep slope 

c) Deforestation 

d) All of the above.

Answer: (d)

6. Landslides occur because of? 

a) Intensity of rainfall 

b) Steep slopes 

c) Deforestation leading it soil erosion 

d) All the above

Answer: (d)

7. Landslides, global warming, floods and soil erosions are all effects of 

a) Deforestation 

b) aforestation 

c) overpopulation 

d)global warming

Answer: (a)

8. Passageway which joins vent to crater of volcano is known as 

a) Vent 

b) Cone 

c) Pipe 

d) Crater

Answer: (c)

9. Point at which earthquake takes place is known as 

a) origin 

b) epicenter 

c) principal 


Answer: (d)

10. Severe Drought for identifying 

a) Deficit of rainfall more than 50 per cent of normal. 

b) Deficit of rainfall between 26-50 per cent of normal. 

c) Deficiency of a particular year’s rainfall exceeding 25 per cent of normal. 

d) None of the above.

Answer: (a)